Independent singer-songwriter, Theta, blends dream-pop, folk and electro-pop, to create highly emotive dreamlike atmospheres. Drawing on themes of love, loss and self-discovery, Katie writes philosophical and introspective poetry, matched with haunting vocals and searching synthesisers. Her music experiments with textured beats and sounds, creating a smooth, yet fractured sentiment.


The alias 'Theta' is inspired by the brain wave associated with deep creativity, meditation, dreams and insight. Because of the nature of her work, she released her first single, 'Stay' on 10th October, World Mental Health Day 2019. Her new single 'Wait' is to be released one year later. 


Her debut EP, 'Leaving' was created with producer/artist Shai-li Paldi together they create evocative landscapes, analogous to artists such as Totemo, Marina Maximilian and London Grammar.


Newer work, introduces producer Alastair WIlson, adding a dynamic electronic spirit.

Katie is inspired by the lyrical honesty of Daughter and James Blunt and the creativity of Bon Iver and Sevdaliza.