"sometimes art is the only way to truly

express how intense life can be"

Theta (aka Katie Hargreaves) is a British singer-songwriter. Inspired by the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver and The 1975, Katie writes with painfully honest emotion, reflecting on love, loss and life.

Her music blends dream-pop, folk and electro-pop, to create highly emotive dreamlike atmospheres. Drawing on themes of love, loss and self-discovery, Katie writes philosophical and introspective poetry, matched with haunting vocals and searching synthesisers. 


The alias 'Theta' is inspired by the brain wave associated with deep creativity, meditation, dreams and insight. Because of the nature of her work, she released her first single, 'Stay' on 10th October, World Mental Health Day 2019. Her new single 'Wait' released exactly one year later. 

The new song, 'Wait' was written for a suicidal friend, asking him to choose life. This person is now thankfully very well and Katie hopes the song will reach people who are suffering from suicidal thoughts and inspire a little hope and encouragement to choose life.

"I wish I could reach you to hold your hand

Take off the weight while you try to stand

Breathe in, it'll be alright" - Wait

Theta's first EP, Leaving, was a journey through the process of losing her ex-boyfriend to suicide. "It was immensely helpful to use poetry and music in order to understand what I was going through, sometimes art is the only way to truly express how intense life can be". 

Having worked on the debut EP with Israeli artist and producer, Shai-li Paldi, the girl-power duo worked tirelessly to create something beautiful, powerful and personal. Katie's poetic and folky toplines are met with an electronic, experimental soundscape design from Shai-li. The result is a atmospheric experience of Katie's emotional story.

"My music was born from a dire situation of grief and loss. I am so glad I can share it as I know everyone goes through dark times and it's always comforting knowing someone else understands and you're never alone."

Now Katie is working with producer, Alastair Wilson on new work. Alastair's love for electronic music has brought Theta into a different age. Working with more electro-pop / house music sounds, the music they are making together is exciting and pushing genre boundaries.

                Enjoy x

To listen to Theta’s new single, ‘Wait’, click this link: 

 (available from 10/10/20).


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